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We work with premium brands to bring you the best gear

Brands in the Box

We work with premium brands to bring you the best gear.


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Our Customers

The bladder is fantastic, and the rest of the items are great little additions! They promise up to $50 worth of items in each box, and this month’s retail value comes out to $52.33!

Andy(Expert Gear Reviewer, #1 ranked Sub-Box Blog

I love getting my Nomadik Box because it’s great for all types of adventurers. The featured items are always unique, useful, and innovative, which makes it not only exciting but incredibly useful for all types of outdoorsmen."

Lydia @lydyeah(Outdoor/Adventure Enthusiast)

The headlamp I got was by far the brightest of anyone's in the group and never gave me any troubles. Stoked on this item and plan to keep it with me on all my future adventures!

Gregg @greggboydston(U.S. Forest Service Hotshot)

The monthly challenge is epic! It gets my adventure-juices flowing about planning my next trip. The Ironclad Guarantee is super impressive...haven’t seen any box company do that!

Yehuda Benhamo(Camper/Backpacker + Pro Surf Coach)

A little onsite repair...Thanks The Nomadik for this epic box of gadgets! This box came with this awesome multi-tool and a new trail bar to try!

Irene @ladylockoff(Pro Climber)

Wet gear can ruin your day, this 30L Blocker Dry Sac from SealLine is essential for any hiking/camping excursion. Having this has kept me covered from all the elements and has saved my gear on rainy descents from local peaks.

Stephen @stephenshelesky(Adventure Guide, Photographer)

Our current stoke level is high today! We received our first Nomadik subscription box and we’re already so excited to use all of the adventure-fueling products inside!

Pete & Tay@alwaystheroad (#VanLife Enthusiasts)


We work with premium brands to bring you the best gear

Brand Partners

We work with premium brands to bring you the best gear.


When does the box ship?

Order by the 15th, your monthly box ships by the 24th of this month. Otherwise it'll ship by the 24th of next month. Future shipments (after the first shipment) will ship by the 24th.
PLEASE NOTE: Shipping carriers are experiencing intermittent delays nationwide, shipments could be delayed while in transit.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel within your customer account anytime you'd like. There's no contracts and no hidden fees. You can also skip shipments, which disables your next renewal (the charge and the shipment).

How does the subscription process work?

Pick your plan, sign up, and fill out your profile. A themed adventure box will arrive on your doorstep, get ready to plan your next trip! We re-bill on the 5th!

Does everyone get the same box?

Everybody could get the same box, but not always. We ask you to fill out your profile questions in order to understand your interests and favorite activities. Our goal is to tailor the box to your interests.

How much value is in each box?

We guarantee $50 retail value per box, many times the retail value is higher.

How do I know what’s going to be inside the box?

We focus on new, unique, and multi-functional items. We can’t tell you exactly what will be in the box, that would ruin the surprise! Here are the categories we look to put inside: gear, tools, accessories, food/energy, educational (travel tips, survival guides), inspiration, and The Nomadik Challenge Card.

I live outside the USA or in a hard to reach area, can I order a subscription?

Yes! As soon as your box ships you automatically get a tracking email. Shipments outside of the USA take 6-14 days to arrive from the day they are scanned in by USPS. International shipments do not have free postage and are not included in any other shipping related offers.

Can I return or exchange my box?

You may return your box for a full money back refund if the box and products are in original condition. You must notify us within 14 days of receiving your box and provide the reason, however, returns and refunds are at our sole discretion. We don't provide shipping for returns. If you have a concern or question please email us at

What is the Ironclad Guarantee?

If you aren't happy, for whatever reason, you can return your box for a full refund. No questions asked. See above for details.