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Dylan S.


five stars

November 2, 2023

Perfect gift & fast support team

Had a shipping issue that was my fault, CS fixed it quickly so I could get my gear before my trip. You can tell they truly care and are thinking a step ahead to make it less hassle.

Eliza S.


five stars

November 11, 2023

Love the box themes & great customer support

Was really worried it would be random products, but I LOVE how the gear matches a theme for the season- also impressed by how fast the customer support team responds. Thanks NOMADIK, you rock!

Mary G.


five stars

November 7, 2023

Insane value & useful gear

Been getting boxes for over a year, constantly blown away by the value. I do a ton of activities, have used these products multiple times hiking, traveling, camping and day-to-day at home.

Emily R.


five stars

October 22, 2023

My BF loves the Quarterly Box- totally worth it

I was on the fence but after getting 2 quarterly boxes I’m blow away by the gear, brands and value. You always get a couple big products and there’s a lot of other membership perks.