Choose our Hammock Box as your first shipment, it's perfect for: relaxing at home, leveling-up your campsite, reading, recovering or napping!
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Grand Trunk

Hammock + Straps

Relax with ease in this Ultralight Starter Hammock. Small and lightweight, this is the perfect to stash in your pack. With 5ft hanging straps, stuff sack and 2 nautical-grade carabiners for easy setup, this hammock is for any and all outdoor enthusiasts!


Hurricane Matches

Start your campfire, light your lantern, or fire up that backyard grill with the UCO Hurricane Matches. These matches light up quickly and consistently even in heavy winds, rain, or snow. Keep them in your backpack, emergency kit or glove box so you can travel well.


Mini Patches

Your instant fix for tears on your puffy jacket, sleeping bag, or tent. These small and lightweight mini patches are handy even when you least expect it! Simply peel, stick, and be ready to go in seconds.


Hydration Mix

Rehydrate in a hurry with this mix that’s packed full of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Pour into 16oz of water, stir or shake, and enjoy the lemon lime flavor! Hydrate your body faster than water alone, so that you are refueled and ready for your next big adventure.

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