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Strata Stove

Camp in style with this sturdy compact stove! Made of lightweight material, this stove is easy to pack up and take on the go. With a piezo igniter, this stove has 6449 BTU’s of cooking power for your next meal at the campsite. For use with a butane/propane mix canister.



Introducing the packable, stuffable, foldable, convertible silicone bowl for eating on the go. This bowl is not like any other as it features the ability to fold down the upper section, so you get to choose between a high bowl or a small bowl/large cup. This bowl can be squished, bent, and stuffed into just about any small space to make for easy packing on your adventures.

UCO Gear

Switch Spork

This compact spork transforms into a dedicated spoon, fork, and knife. Plus, connect them together end-to-end for an extra-long utensil ideal for deep walled containers like freeze-dried meals in bags. Whether hiking in the mountains or camping in the woods, UCO sporks make your on-the-go meals more enjoyable.


Meal Plan

Elevate your meals on your next trek with this meal plan curated specifically for our subscribers. These fast, easy, and portable recipes can be stored on your phone. Simply go to the link provided on the postcard, download the PDF, and have tasty camp meals always at your fingertips! Find gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

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